I am fresh back from New York so am laden with playbills which I would like to give to a loving home!

-2x Newsies playbills with Corey Cott (basically the current cast)
-4x Cinderella playbills with the current cast
-a DVD of the 25th anniversary concert of phantom
- a “Now that’s what I call musicals” CD

- MUST BE FOLLOWING ME (I will check)
- International!! Was originally uk only but I am feeling generous :) - reblogs only
- Reblog as many times as you want!!
- needs at least 20 different people to Reblog or it seems slightly pointless
- I will use a random number generator thing
- one prize for one person
- first person chosen gets to choose which prize they get and then it will go down the line
- if you win, I will need your address (obvs) but I promise to only use it for this. Unless you wanna become pen pals cause I am down for that.

I think that’s everything…..
Hope people actually do this or I will look a wee bit silly. GOOD LUCK FOLKS

Oh yeah, it will end like beginning of October or something